Return requests must comply with the return policy:

You must verify the specifications and identity of the product you purchased and its integrity from defects upon receiving it, and we will not accept any return request after 7 days from the date of receiving it.:

In the event that you discover a defect in the product, you must inform us immediately, and you have the choice between repairing or replacing it, while we will not return the price unless we are unable to repair or replace.

In the event that there is a difference in specifications, sizes, or colors between the product that you purchased and the product that we have sent, or if you receive a product completely different from the product that you have purchased, you must inform us immediately and then follow the steps of the return process.

The product must be returned unused and undamaged with the original packaging and in the condition it was sent to you, such as bags, cases, boxes and boxes, and then put all of them in an additional package box suitable for shipment.

We will bear the shipping costs only in the event of a defect in the product or in the event that we send a completely different product other than the one that you purchased or sent a product with other specifications than the one you ordered.

We will not be able to accept any requests for returns for a product that has been used or not in its original condition, nor any requests that do not comply with our policy.

How is the return process done?

You have to return the product to us correctly, so please return the product with all the additional packaging for the product and in the condition that it was sent to you, such as bags, cases, boxes and boxes, then put them all in an additional package box suitable for shipment. If we receive any product without following these instructions or without an external package suitable for shipment, it will be considered used, and return will not be possible. For more information, please review our return policy.

The return process is easy and simple, just follow these steps: Go to requests and returns if you have an account, and if you completed the request as a visitor click here and you will need to provide the order reference number and email.

  • Select the order you want to return and click Return Product.
  • Choose each product you want to return and specifically state the reason for the return.
  • Return everything you want to return to its original packaging. Put everything you want to return in the appropriate package box for shipping and attach a return note.
  • Attach the return label firmly to the outside of the parcel box and make sure the return label is visible because the courier will need to wipe it.
  • Hand the bill of lading to the courier. To track the package, keep the Bill of Lading number.
  • We recommend that you ask the courier to scan the parcel when receiving it, to ensure that the parcel is tracked.
  • If you need to reprint the papers required for return, go to Requests and Returns in your account, and if you requested as a visitor, click here.